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Operating out of Odessa, OMS-VR has developed a series of virtual reality based simulations covering activities that are difficult or dangerous to train in the real world. Their training library includes titles covering proficiency in survival craft and fast rescue boats, tanker cargo operations, steering gear maintenance, launching distress flares, and ballast tank inspections. The Ukrainian startup is certified by Bureau Veritas and is already working with fleet management companies including Wallem, Anglo-Eastern, and Star Bulk.
Where virtual reality comes into its own is in making it possible for people to learn how to react to emergencies in a safe environment.
For most emergency response drills, it is not possible to replicate the environment OMS-VR, accessed 2020 of a real emergency. Though there are some dedicated training grounds for activities like firefighting they are expensive to run.
This means the majority of seafarers only get to use them once every five years when they renew their certificates.