Virtual Reality

This kind of training involves students to accident environments with all the adrenaline shocking, visual, sound, vibra and gravity feeling

Study & Exams

Exam circumstances can be changed dynamically. Cloud global stat module saving persistent history of training and exam results for each student

Mobility & Integration

This solution is distinguished by its mobility, since it can be based only on a VR headset without an accompanying PC.

We’re introducing AR/VR based training equipment plus developing our own environmental math model as new Tool in MET, which allows to simulate familiarisation and accident learn cases. These kind of training involves students to accident environments with all the adrenaline shocking, visual, sound, vibra and gravity feeling. It leads to much deeper learning and incomparably more reliable exam results.



In 2018 Anglo-Eastern company equipped its training centers with OMS virtual reality simulators for the knowledge improvement of crew members in Mumbai and Odessa, as well as in the Maritime Academy in Carjat near Mumbai. We are very proud to cooperate with such a progressive ship-owner.


Haakon J. Wallem started the company in Shanghai in 1898. By 1925 the decision had been taken to expand operations beyond Shanghai and a company was setup in Hongkong. In 1951 the company was of the most reputable ship management and broking houses in South East Asia. Wallem has 1,000 shore-based staff with a pool of 8,000 qualified seafarers in 17 countries and in 8 seafarer training centres.


StarOcean was first established in 2012 to provide world-class crew management services to its Principals and Seafarers.

Star Bulk

Star Bulk is a global shipping company that provides high quality transportation services of dry bulk cargoes. On a fully delivered basis the Star Bulk fleet comprises 111 modern vessels built in world-class shipyards and with an average age of 7.5 years. Its fleet’s has a total capacity of more than 12 million deadweight.

ANRI Maritime Academy

ANRI Maritime Academy was founded in June 2000. Every year over 500 of students graduates it. Academy received a degree of accreditation in 2010.

ETC “Admiral”

ETC “Admiral” – is a dynamically developing education-training centre for seafarers. The centre was founded on 30 October in 2011.



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